Understanding which communication and advertising channels are best to use in any given case. Only the right combination of several methods will help you succeed. You need to develop a quality strategy. In this article, we will analyze the main promotion strategies everyone needs to know about and give examples of their implementation to achieve the most ambitious goals.

Let users know about your app

A website lets users learn more about your app before the product launch. You can use it to gather a potential audience and tell them what you want them to know about.

Leave App Store and Google Play links to your site with a clear call to action; post video trailers or just reviews, user ratings, and awards received. If you have a blog, now would be a good time to update it with all the information you need there.


ASO includes work on the following:

  1. Visual design.
  2. Keywords.

The first thing that catches the user’s eye is your utility icon, and that’s why you must make it as bright and informative as possible. But remember to add multimedia content. For example, screenshots are the main graphical element, displaying the application interface and letting the user know what to expect.

It is the same with videos: you may place a preview that describes the product’s main advantages or shows the gameplay of some thrilling moments of the game. All this is sure to attract the attention of users. Once you finish the visuals, you will need to work on the keywords.

You can use a service like Asodesk to determine the frequency of your keywords, so you know what kind of semantics you should and shouldn’t do.

App developer

Engage industry influencers

Using famous bloggers or celebrities to attract new users and promote your brand is a classic strategy that has been proven effective countless times. There are many ways to run influencer campaigns to achieve marketing goals.

For example, you can give opinion leaders gifts to raffle off among your audience – so people understand that you’re an excellent and generous brand that understands what customers want.

In addition to giveaways, you can also ask bloggers to promote your product by paying them in advance. If your product is excellent and has something to praise for, you’ll get a nice increase in the audience immediately.

Introduce paid advertising

If the previous methods could be relatively inexpensive, the paid campaigns for promotion will require considerable investment. It is essential to understand the intentions of the users you want to attract and the actions in the application that they have to perform – only then can you properly appreciate in which places it is worth buying ads.

Use app promotion tools

Various platforms can help you promote your app, with the help of which you will find yourself above your competitors in search results in the App Store and Google Play due to motivated installations and competent ASO. If you need to be sufficiently versed in all these processes, using utilities like App Booster makes sense – local algorithms will do most of the work for you.