The Instagram audience is demanding content. No one can be surprised by ordinary photos, even if you managed to capture a unicorn. In addition to the original content, the photo for Instagram download must be of reference quality.

For this purpose, you do not need professional equipment or a shooting studio. It is enough to download the right processing apps to your smartphone.

From the variety, we have chosen five of the best applications for quick and easy photo processing. The main criteria were ease of use, the number of settings, and functionality available in the free version.


Snapseed offers a universal set of tools and a great selection of filters. The main advantages are that the app is free and has no ads. Available for iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile (although its support is discontinued).

All of the application’s functions are organized into tabs:

  1. The Styles tab offers a menu of filters that instantly transform a photo. After applying a filter, you can continue editing the photo using standard tools.
  2. The “Tools” tab opens settings for editing the image. There is a basic correction of brightness, contrast, saturation, white balance, light, shadows, cropping, curves, perspective, expansion, and additional filters (retro, drama, coarse grain, grunge, noir, portrait, etc.).

There is a handy text tool sticker set for creating similar images.

The app has tutorials with step-by-step text and video instructions on how to process a shot. The manuals are worthwhile; there are many of them, and everything is very clear.

Thanks to the variety of tools and filters, Snapseed will suit both beginners and advanced users.


Paid editor available for Android and iOS. Main feature: the app is built on the principle of a photographer’s social network. You can subscribe to friends by importing your contact list from Twitter or your smartphone and finding inspiring personalities in the app.

The interface is a bit more complicated than Snapseed. You’ll have to take some time to master the app. The app requires registration by e-mail or phone number. A feed of photos and publications represents the home page. Some of them contain useful hints.

photo processing in VSCO
photo processing in VSCO

The icons are atypical and illogical. Until you click, you can’t guess what action is intended. The square with a circle is your creative studio, where you upload photos for processing.

In the editor itself, processing traditionally starts with choosing a filter. Some of them are free; others are for money. Paid tools are unavailable for trying on in demo mode to understand whether VSCO X is worth buying. The intensity of the filter is customizable.

The settings tab offers standard tools for exposure, contrast, crop, sharpness, saturation, tones, white balance, and skin tone. Almost all of the tools are free. The app can be a source of inspiration for creating beautiful shots. A photo processing filter is indicated under the frame you like.

VSCO will suit those seeking ideas, inspiration, and new creative directions. The anonymous Instagram story viewer will also be a worthy helper.


Vinci is the most standard recommendation for photo processing. The main feature is the simplest functionality that does not require knowledge of settings and filters.

When you start Vinci, it opens the camera and gallery. You can take a new shot or load a picture from your smartphone’s gallery. The next step is to crop the image.

The third step – is a set of incredible filters that allow you to turn the most ordinary frame into paintings and interesting graphics. Vinci is a no-frills application for fast and unusual image processing.

The application is completely free. The main disadvantage is the lack of basic settings for brightness, contrast, sharpness, and light correction.