Leisure has always been an important part of our lives. However, humanity has changed with the development of digital technologies and information society. Today, leisure is one of modern citizens’ main components of life. People are engaged in what they love the most. Moreover, there is a huge variety of entertainment activities. Computer and mobile games are among them.

People have a huge number of platforms to play games. Among them are computers, smartphones, tablets, and their operating systems. However, a huge number of users prefer to play games online. Modern game servers are connected to high-speed Internet and function at the best level. However, many people prefer to play games more simply, such as on Telegram channels. Today, we will talk about how online gaming communities are being formed through social networks and messengers.

Gaming community online: Telegram social media

The modern world is in the age of the development of information technology and the Internet. Computer games have become affordable leisure activities that have optimal costs. Moreover, almost any modern citizen has a personal computer or smartphone. But we want to talk to you about another topic.

The Internet is a communication center for the gaming community, within which the culture of gaming communicative processes is formed. Moreover, the culture of so-called real life is the symbolic stay of people in virtual space who create social images around themselves. Messengers and social networks are great helpers for gamers who want to find like-minded people and chat with their friends regularly.

Telegram channels are essential to the success of gamers in their community. Every gamer has some sort of social status there that helps him or her relate themselves to this social community.

Gaming community
Gaming community

Many Telegram channels have become official social media for popular streamers, bloggers, and content makers in the gaming world. The fact is that the activity of bloggers and streamers has become quite prestigious from the point of view of the gaming community. Thousands of users subscribe to bloggers and streamers in their Telegram channels to be updated with news and new videos. Also, it helps gamers to stay in touch with their friends and share opinions with like-minded people in these channel groups.

Anyone can enter the gaming community if he or she carefully learns these cultural communicative traditions and manners, as well as rules. This is not difficult for a modern citizen since video games have become a popular form of entertainment and even a way to earn money. However, becoming a cultural hero is not that easy, and it will attract thousands and millions of users.

Social interaction within the gaming community has become dependent not only on chatting in games themselves. There is a huge community of gamers of particular games and genres, so Telegram contains channels for all of them. We can conclude that gamers have created a huge and specialized community. It covers both online and offline spaces, and messengers and social networks like Telegram have not been left out of this process of cultural expansion.


Hobbies can serve as a means of self-development and help people in professional or educational activities. They often help people achieve high social status through their leisure activities. However, communication between people passionate about video games is important in their lives. Each gamer tends to find his or her like-minded and create a little team around themselves. Social networks and messengers help them in this process, and Telegram is no exception.