According to statistics, around 80% of users in the global iGaming industry access online casinos using their mobile devices in most countries. Given the increasing pace of life, the number of users accessing gambling platforms on their portable devices is anticipated to continue to rise.

Best online casinos in India and worldwide have debated which option offers a more enjoyable and satisfying gaming experience. Although the choice ultimately depends on personal tastes, it is crucial to explain certain aspects consumers should consider when deciding between the two options.

Gambling on Mobile Devices

Gambling software providers are adapting their sites to fit the screens of mobile devices because more people are interested in gambling on their phones. This allows gamblers to access their favorite games from anywhere, regardless of their device. The popularity of mobile gaming is increasing, which is why content and platform providers are creating more HTML5 products.

The specifics may vary depending on the platform. We recommend reading the reviews. For example, you can read the Indibet review to learn more about this platform. Most importantly, Indibet is legal in India and considered one of the best online casinos.

Casinos have created special promotions and bonuses for customers who access the casino lobby through their smartphones and tablets to keep up with the latest trend. Customers can visit the dedicated page to see what offers are available.

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To make payments easy, TOP online casinos have equipped mobile cashiers with a variety of payment options for both deposits and withdrawals. Players can fund accounts or withdraw their winnings from anywhere with just a few clicks.

Playing through an app or a browser has some similarities and differences. It’s important to understand that web apps and mobile apps are different. Apps are designed for a specific platform, while websites are accessed through a browser and adjust to the device used.

Playing directly from the browser means that updates are automatically implemented, so players don’t have to worry about them. App updates may take longer since the developers need to gather feedback, fix issues, and then apply the update.

Restrictions for Android and iOS Apps

To adhere to Play Store guidelines, note that certain apps may be limited by country. For gambling apps, developers must restrict minors from accessing the app and provide in-app information to encourage responsible gambling.

In 2018, the App Store in China banned many apps with the word “gambling” due to the prevalence of fake and illegal apps in the market. Apple’s guidelines required developers to use native iOS code instead of HTML5.

Things to Consider

In today’s market, more is needed for content providers and operators to be just another brand. If they improve the quality of their services, they can avoid being left behind. As a player, you want the best for yourself. Remember to check the following aspects when deciding whether to play games through an app or browser.

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The speed

If your internet connection isn’t stable, using a mobile app for gameplay is more reliable than accessing the game through a browser. However, the browser is a better option if your connection is steady because it has a faster uploading time.

Game selection and quality

In the early stages of mobile app development, the game selection was limited, and the graphics were less advanced than those on desktop computers. As a result, consumers were not satisfied with mobile apps as a substitute.

However, the situation has improved significantly, and players can have a seamless experience on mobile and desktop platforms. Nevertheless, certain developers might restrict the number of demo games available on their apps.


If you want to use an app on multiple gadgets, you must download it on each device. However, playing the app in a browser can be accessed on all your devices. Additionally, it’s important to note that apps only available for Android may not be available on iOS if you switch from an Android to an iPhone.


If you prefer keeping your passion for casino games private, using browser play provides more discretion. This is because you can easily clear your browsing history without physical evidence of your activity. On the other hand, if you use a casino app, its icon is visible on your phone and may frequently send notifications, making it less discreet.


Which One?

It is hard to determine a clear winner between mobile apps and browser play on mobile phones. The choice ultimately depends on personal lifestyle and playing preferences. Those who prefer to keep their phones from cluttered with apps may prefer browser play, which also allows for listening to background music.

Customers who want a reliable internet connection during gambling sessions should choose mobile apps instead of a browser. This allows for uninterrupted gameplay even in areas with unstable connections, such as in a taxi or the metro.

Reading about other players’ experiences with mobile apps versus browser play can provide helpful insight. If there are any doubts, contacting the casino’s support department for instructions on how the app works and what to expect is also an option.