Next Steps

Following up on the White House Farmer . . .

We are compiling a packet of information on the top three nominees and will send it to President Obama’s staff. We are hopeful that the time is ripe for a White House Farmer, and will post news and developments on this site as they occur.

Following up on Your Farmer . . .

Newcomers to a community always ask neighbors and colleagues: “Who’s your mechanic?” “Who’s your hair-dresser?”  “Who’s your babysitter?” . . .  but seldom “Who’s your farmer?”

Following up on President Obama’s call for greater personal responsibility and initiative, we would like to move from “Who’s the White House Farmer?” to “Who’s your farmer?”

With your help, this site can become an answer to that question. Stay tuned as we develop that capability, and send a comment if you can help us in this endeavor.

In the meantime, you can find your local farmers and leave or read comments about them at Local Harvest.

While we continue to look for leadership and inspiration from the White House, and look forward to a White House Farmer, we will also take matters into our own capable hands, as President Obama has urged, so that we can bring about the transformations we seek in our own communities and on our own tables . . . knowing that “Yes, we can.”